Business Opportunities

The areas stand out by their attractive characteristics for the development of additional researches that attest the potential of implementing a commercial project for mineral resource processing. Our company has been committed to presenting its mineral assets in order to attract new partners and investors.

Reserves located in the Poços de Caldas plateau, state of Minas Gerais, mainly concentrated in the place popularly known as Iron Hill. In mid-1953, the most intense radioactive area of the plateau was detected in this hill, and since then it has been researched by several companies such as CNEN and INB. Recently, Varginha Mining has signed an agreement with a Japanese company to study and research in its area, which is considered one of the richest in Brazil.

Deposits located in Poté-MG, in the Jequitinhonha valley containing approximately 200 million tons of limestone, a rock composed mainly of calcite (calcium carbonate) in ideal proportions for cement and civil construction applications. In a study already carried out, this business opportunity offers the potential for 170 years of limestone exploitation in areas where the company holds mining rights. External factors such as the fiscal incentives of the government and the greater supply of real estate credit should be emphasized, boosting the demand of this input in the market.

Deposits located in Mossoró-RN, containing approximately 2 billion tons of calcitic limestone which can serve as raw material in the cement, hydrated lime and PCC (Precipitated Calcium Carbonate) industries.

Deposits with approximately 15 million tons of lavageable bauxite inside mining rights in the Campestre and Ipuiuna counties state of Minas Gerais state.

A significant reserve in the Manhuaçu and Cataguases region, also in the state of Minas Gerais, containing approximately 30 million tons of lavageable aluminum ore, distributed in several adjacent mining processes.

Another mine, owned by Mineração Varginha, containing bauxite substance can be found in the Niquelândia city state of Goiás, containing approximately 4 millions of mineral tonnage for the metallurgical industry.

Varginha Mining Company holds 4 deposits of refractory clay located in Guarda-Mor city, and the usable reserve amounts to approximately 4 million tons. From the chemical analyzes of the samples collected during the mineral research phase in the areas it was observed a high content of aluminum, low iron content and the presence of the Mullite phase, properties which meet the need of the national and international market, characterizing the viability of this mineral extraction aiming at the production of chamotte for the refractory industry.

Reserves located in Abaeté and Cedro do Abaeté cities, in the region of the São Francisco Basin, about 285km from Belo Horizonte city, containing approximately 500 million tons of potassium, present in the rock known as Verdete. Industrial rocks or minerals with high potassium contents can be used as alternative sources for the production of potassium salts or direct application to the soil as slow release fertilizers. Among these rocks, the verdete of this region stands out because it presents an average content of K2O that meets the consumer market of this mineral, its green color is due to the presence of Fe2 + ions in the structure of glauconite, which is its main constituent.

Deposits located in stage of Bueno Brandão and Inconfidentes cities, in the stage of issuing an Usage Guide with an estimated production of 3,000 tons / year as determined by the Normative Consolidation of Mineral Legislation. The main applications of kaolin today are: filler agents in the preparation of paper; as a coating agent for coated paper and in the composition of ceramic pastes. On a smaller scale, kaolin is used in the manufacture of refractory materials, plastics, rubbers, paints, adhesives, cements, insecticides, pesticides, food and pharmaceutical products, catalysts, absorbents, dentifrices, clarifiers, fertilizers, gypsum, filtration aids, cosmetics, chemicals, detergents and abrasives, as well as loads and fillers for various purposes.

Mineral processes located in Senador José Bento and Congonhal cities, containing manganese mineral with application for the manufacture of ferroalloys, obtaining manganese steel, used in the production of silico-manganese, in the composition of stacks, manufacture of paints and chemical industry.

The company owns mineral rights of ornamental rock in the Caldas and Santa Rita de Caldas cities, both located in the state of Minas Gerais, containing significant reserves of high quality granities. The good acceptance in the national market of the rocks extracted in the company’s deposits, whether due to the variety of petrographic types that have fallen in recent years or to the seriousness of our business, has led us to invest heavily in granite prospecting and research.

In partnership with Fertimax Organic Fertilizers Company, another company of the Guazzelli Business Group, which operates in the extraction and processing of the peat mineral, a fossil fuel with a high content of organic material. Currently, the deposits in operation are located in Boa Esperança city, containing approximately 2 million tons.

Also in partnership with the same company, Varginha Mining holds mineral rights containing the peat substance in the Monte Carmelo city, the reserve is approximately 22 million tons of this mineral asset, demonstrating the technical-economic viability of this enterprise.

The applications of this raw material include: organic fertilization in plantations, extraction of humic and fulvic acid, manufacture of substrates for seedlings and in the energy generation as fuels.

The Varginha Mining abrasive plant, EletroVarginha, is located in the city of Caldas-MG. The plant is divided into two parts, the first one is destined for the production of Calcined Bauxite and the second one is for the manufacture of Aluminum Oxide (ALO). The Aluminum Oxide (ALO) plant produces both white aluminum oxide and brown aluminum oxide.

Recently, technical-economical feasibility studies have been carried out to reactivate the production of the aforementioned inputs at EletroVarginha, including a structure for the production of new inputs as the proppants, indicated for hydraulic fracturing of oil and gas wells, involving high confinement pressures.