Drawing drawer designs to start new growth cycle

Drawing drawer designs to start new growth cycle

Known in the market mainly for its bauxite production, Varginha Mineração begins to take out of the drawer the first projects that should mark the new cycle of growth of this one that is the mining arm of the Guazelli group, founded in 1994 by the entrepreneur Reynaldo Guazelli Filho, in Poços of Caldas (MG), with investments also in agribusiness, real estate and hospitality projects. The company has more than 400 registered bauxite, manganese, limestone, lithium, titanium, granite, clay and peat deposits in seven Brazilian states.

It currently has eight open-pit mines in operation, three of which are bauxite, two clay and two manganese, corresponding to an annual production of approximately 560,000 tons of ore and clay, not to mention a deposit of peat from which about 30 thousand tons / year of this fossil fuel are extracted. In addition, it maintains two bauxite beneficiation units, one at Varginha Andradas Farm and one at Eletro Varginha Caldas, both in Minas Gerais. But Varginha has ambitious plans. “We are already thinking about the expansion of our activities,” says Ivan Leleko, partner and head of the company’s mining sector. The projects, he said, only await the completion of bureaucratic procedures, but are already defined by the company.

The planned investment should amount to R $ 230 million, in only three of the main planned projects: R $ 130 million in the construction of a cement plant in Poté, in the Northeast of Minas Gerais, near Teófilo Otoni; a thermoelectric plant estimated at R $ 80 million in the Triângulo Mineiro; and another R $ 23 million in a new bauxite mine in the Manhuaçu / Cataguazes region, a project of 50 thousand tons of bi-hydrated material per month. Unlike the trihydrate bauxite that the company already produces in Poços de Caldas, that of Manhuaçu / Cataguazes will have to be washed before being placed on the market.

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