Supplying the refractory clay market, Varginha Mining serves the ceramic and refractory industries with high quality products. Its process has being managed by a highly qualified team, always respecting environmental norms and occupational health and safety. Among the treated products from the refractory clay, the company highlights:

Applications: in the refractory industry, production of white ceramics (sanitary ware), ceramic engobes, artistic ceramics, white tiles, stoneware porcelain tiles, coatings (ceramic floors).

Applications: for the manufacture of aluminum sulphate.

Applications: refractory industry, brick making, mortars, conventional and low cement concretes, buffing masses, ceramic rollers, crucibles and special parts.

Granulometric Tracks:

#325 MF #18 MF
#200 MF #10/30
#140 MF #8/20
#50 MF #4/10
#30 MF #5/16/4