Social and Environmental Responsibility

A relationship of love with the environment

The company’s social responsibility consists in deciding to participate more directly in social activities where it is present and to mitigate possible environmental damages resulting from the type of activity that it carries out.

However, just preserving the environment and supporting the development in the community in which it forms part is not enough to give the company a socially and environmentally responsible title.

It is necessary to invest in the well-being of its employees, dependents and in a healthy work environment, besides promoting transparent communications, guaranteeing the satisfaction of its clients or consumers.

In this context, the Guazzelli Business Group, especially the Varginha Mining Company and the Farm Hotel Poços de Caldas, have assumed their social role.

Among other initiatives, the concern with the environment is revealed through the planting of native species that are grown in a nursery of seedlings in order to restoring the mined areas, according to the environmental agencies determination.

Social actions can be exemplified through the inclusion of public school students and associations of handicapped to monitored tours to the Farm Hotel Fazenda Poços de Caldas.

An image built on an ethical and socially responsible company acquires a strong competitive advantage over its other competitors producing an extraordinary positive impact on its customers.