Varginha Mining Celebrates International Women’s Day with SENAC

Varginha Mining Celebrates International Women’s Day with SENAC

The idea of ​​an international women’s day emerges at the turn of the twentieth century, in the context of the Second Industrial Revolution and the First World War, when the incorporation of women’s mass labor in industry occurs.

We can say that February 24, 1932 was a milestone in the history of Brazilian women. On this date the female vote was instituted. Women gained, after many years of demands and discussions, the right to vote and to be elected to executive and legislative positions.

On March 8, SENAC (Poços de Caldas) held several commemorative activities to celebrate International Women’s Day (officially made in 1975 by the UN).

The event featured lectures and workshops on how to work with consumption in today’s society, emphasizing a new way of conscious consumption such as conceptual brechos, covering the themes: ‘Collaborative Consumption’ and ‘Entrepreneurial Woman’.

This commemorative date at SENAC brought together several women of different age groups where they could participate in a bazaar for the exchange of clothes, shoes and accessories for women. In addition, the embellishment was part of the program through the School Hall, which opened vacancies for several attendances on the day of the event.

In partnership with Hotel Fazenda Poços de Caldas, Mineração Varginha offered a moment of relaxation serving a hearty coffee break after the lectures. The buffet served delicious delicacies of Minas Gerais cuisine, produced exclusively by the hotel’s gastronomic team. The intention of the Guazzelli Entrepreneurial Group, represented by both companies, consisted in making women disconnect for a moment from the stress and fatigue of the day to day, causing them to recharge the energies.

The treats did not stop there, was drawn at the end of the event a Day-use at the Hotel Fazenda Poços de Caldas. The winner has the right to enjoy all the infrastructure of the hotel with all meals included, being able to relax all day and still take a companion!

The companies of the group, especially Mineração Varginha, thank SENAC for the opportunity to present women on this special day.


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